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Органный концерт в Trinity United Methodist Church


Concerts with Russian-speaking participants.

Туманное утро в Таллахасси. Фото: Лена Сайлер

Views of Tallahassee

Canopy roads, mirror-like lakes, fresh air, lots of birds and animals... It is hard to believe this is a modern capital city.


Cultural Events

We enjoy seeing each other and learning new things at our folkloric festivals and traditional celebrations.

Октябрь 2015 (фото 1)


Traditional biannual picnics where people meet old and new friends.

Пасха 2008 (фото 10)

Orthodox Easter

Eggs on a plate warmed the soul with delight and ringing of bells.
What is more radiant than Easter in April, people, pray tell?
Marina Tsvetaeva, translation by Ilya Shambat

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