Anti-war protests in Tallahassee

Wednesday May 11 2022 03:18:00 am

Anti-war protests in Tallahassee

On February 24 Russia invaded Ukraine.

If this war were not as appalling as it is, there would still be no excuse for it. But this war is shocking beyond comprehension. Mass killings of civilians, torture, destruction of whole cities – this nightmare is happening right now.

We cannot put into words our pain for what Ukrainians are going through because of the actions of Russian Army.

For the first month of the war, we went out to the State Capitol every day to protest against the war. In addition, we joined the protests organized by the Ukrainian community of Tallahassee. We are grateful to our Ukrainian friends for not turning away from us and wholeheartedly accepting our support.

We continue to rally for peace, victory of Ukraine, and liberation of Russia from the insane Putin's regime.

We also express solidarity with people in Russia who continue to protest against the war despite arrests, torture, and imprisonment, and greatly respect their courage.

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